October 12th, 1958

Gordon Griffith, American actor, director, and producer (born in 1907) dies on October 12, 1958. Read more about File Extension APK

Events around October 12, 1958

October 10th, 1958BirthTanya Tucker, American singer
October 11th, 1958EventPioneer program: NASA launches the lunar probe Pioneer 1 (the probe falls back to Earth and burns up).
October 12th, 1958DeathGordon Griffith, American actor, director, and producer (born in 1907)
October 13th, 1958EventBurial of Eugenio Pacelli, Pope Pius XII on the 41st anniversary of the "Miracle of the Sun".
October 13th, 1958BirthMaria Cantwell, American politician, junior senator from Washington
October 13th, 1958BirthJair-Rohm Parker Wells, American musician and composer
October 14th, 1958EventThe U.S. conducts an underground nuclear weapon test at the Nevada Test Site.
October 14th, 1958EventThe District of Columbia Bar Association votes to accept black Americans as members.
October 14th, 1958BirthThomas Dolby, English musician
October 14th, 1958DeathDouglas Mawson, Australian Antarctic explorer (born in 1882)

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