October 12th, 1954

George Welch, American pilot (born in 1918) dies on October 12, 1954. Read more about File Extension APK

Events around October 12, 1954

October 10th, 1954EventThe Communist Party of Honduras is founded.
October 10th, 1954BirthRekha, Bollywood actress
October 10th, 1954BirthDavid Lee Roth, American singer (Van Halen)
October 11th, 1954EventFirst Indochina War: The Viet Minh take control of North Vietnam.
October 12th, 1954DeathGeorge Welch, American pilot (born in 1918)
October 13th, 1954BirthGeorge Frazier, American baseball player
October 13th, 1954BirthClaude Ribbe, French historian
October 13th, 1954BirthMordechai Vanunu, Israeli nuclear technician
October 14th, 1954BirthCarole Malone, English newspaper columnist

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