October 12th, 1940

Tom Mix, American actor (born in 1880) dies on October 12, 1940. Read more about File Extension APK

Events around October 12, 1940

October 10th, 1940DeathBerton Churchill, Canadian actor (born in 1876)
October 11th, 1940DeathLluis Companys, President of Generalitat of Catalonia (shot) (born in 1882)
October 11th, 1940DeathVito Volterra, Italian mathematician and physicist (born in 1860)
October 12th, 1940DeathTom Mix, American actor (born in 1880)
October 13th, 1940BirthPharoah Sanders, American saxophonist
October 14th, 1940EventBalham tube disaster during the Blitz.
October 14th, 1940BirthPerrie Mans, South African snooker player
October 14th, 1940BirthCliff Richard, English singer
October 14th, 1940BirthChristopher Timothy, British actor

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