October 12th, 1945

Dusty Rhodes, American professional wrestler born on October 12, 1945. Read more about File Extension APK

Events around October 12, 1945

October 10th, 1945EventThe Chinese Communist Party and the Kuomintang signed a principle agreement in Chongqing about the future of post-war China. Later, the pact is commonly referred to as the Double-Ten Agreement.
October 12th, 1945BirthAurore Clement, French actress
October 12th, 1945BirthDusty Rhodes, American professional wrestler
October 13th, 1945BirthChristophe, French singer
October 13th, 1945BirthDesi Bouterse, Surinam politician
October 13th, 1945DeathMilton S. Hershey, American chocolate tycoon (born in 1857)
October 14th, 1945BirthColin Hodgkinson, English musician (Whitesnake)

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