October 12th, 1932

Dick Gregory, American comedian and activist born on October 12, 1932. Read more about File Extension APK

Events around October 12, 1932

October 10th, 1932BirthHarry Smith, English footballer
October 11th, 1932BirthDottie West, American singer (died in 1991)
October 12th, 1932BirthDick Gregory, American comedian and activist
October 12th, 1932BirthNed Jarrett, American race car driver
October 13th, 1932BirthJack Colvin, American actor (died in 2005)
October 14th, 1932BirthAnatoly Larkin, Russian-American physicist (died in 2005)
October 14th, 1932BirthEnrico di Giuseppe, American tenor (died in 2005)

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