October 12th, 1908

Paul Engle, American writer (died in 1991) born on October 12, 1908. Read more about File Extension APK

Events around October 12, 1908

October 10th, 1908BirthJohnny Green, American songwriter, arranger and conductor (died in 1989)
October 10th, 1908BirthMerce Rodoreda, Catalan novelist (died in 1983)
October 12th, 1908BirthPaul Engle, American writer (died in 1991)
October 12th, 1908BirthAnn Petry, American novelist (died in 1997)
October 14th, 1908BirthRuth Hale, American playwright and actress (died in 2003)
October 14th, 1908BirthAllan Jones, American actor and singer (died in 1992)

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